Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs are another useful tool in determining past land use. By aerial photo interpretation, one can determine past land uses, including details such as stored lumber, piles of fill and service station pump islands.

The aerial photos are ordered from the Geographic Information Centre (GIC) at UBC.
Information and current costs can be found here.

While I cannot speed up the delivery of the aerial photos, what I will do is be the facilitator by ordering (and returning aerials) and digitizing the aerials.


  • Aerial Photos will be scanned at 600 dpi, unless requested otherwise;
  • Usually completed in 3-4 business days (if ordered before 12 pm);
  • Digitized photos are sent via a secure Dropbox link;
  • My facilitation of the delivery and digitization of the aerials will speed up the process for those rush jobs.

The costs for this service are:

  • The GIC Costs (click here for a pdf of current costs);
  • Typical GIC cost (plus courier fees) for a small site is roughly $120 inc. GST;
  • Digitization fee of $50 for a “small site” (typically between 10 and 20 photos);
  • Surcharge of $50 for 1200 dpi resolution.